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Smoove Gospel Grooves (Contemporary Urban Christian Music)

What Is The Purpose For This Site?
Thank you for visiting the web site for the Smoove Gospel Grooves (Contemporary Urban Christian Music) online radio broadcast. I hope that your have enjoyed listening to the collection of music that is featured on the broadcast. Please come to this page often for information on broadcast updates, the artist featured, and the music industry. My prayer is that your life may be enriched by the music as mine has.

God Bless!

What Is The Purpose Of This Site?
The purpose of this site is to serve as a location for the listeners of the Smoove Gospel Grooves online radio broadcast to receive information on broadcast updates, artist information, and send suggestions.

Soon To Come:

*Dates/times of song rotation changes.
*Info on the artist, albums, and new releases.
*Links for purchase of broadcast artist music.
*Links to music business related sites.

Final Remarks:
Once again, I hope that this site is a blessing to you. Please feel free to send e-mail with suggestions, comments, and notifications of problems with the sound quality of any of the songs on the broadcast station. The quality of the MP3s being broadcast is at 16kbit/sec which allows individuals with modem connections of 28.8Kbps and higher to listen to the broadcast (Sorry I could not accommodate 14.4Kbps modems. If you have one, send me an e-mail and I will instruct you on an inexpensive way to upgrade the modem.) My objective was to make the broadcast available to a larger audience by choosing the lower connection speed. All the MP3s that are on the broadcast have been created by me. If there is a problem with any given song, it can be replaced with a better MP3 of that song. Thank you in advance for your cooperations in this matter. By the way, enjoy listening.
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